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Mitchell York is the author or Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy, which he wrote to help people make sound decisions about buying a franchise or starting any other kind of business after a corporate career. Drawn from his own experience building a profitable and growing catering business after two decades as a corporate executive, the book has been hailed as invaluable for potential entrepreneurs. “This book is a must-read for anyone who is considering owning a franchise. Business ownership is a life-changing event that must be carefully considered and this book is a great first step.," says Angie Shaw of The Entrepreneur's Source.

As the American economic landscape shifts, seasoned corporate executives are looking at independent business ownership as a way to secure and control their futures, and franchised businesses are growing in their appeal.

But pouring a large amount of money into a franchise does not guarantee success. In this book, you’ll find out:

  • How to determine if you can succeed as a franchise owner;
  • What dangerous pitfalls to avoid as a buyer;
  • The potential rewards of owning your own business;
  • Whether or not the numbers make sense;
  • Ways to raise money for your venture;
  • And much more.
If you are tired of the corporate world and want to escape the rat race, then let Mitchell York, a successful franchisee and professional certified coach, guide you through the many steps involved in deciding whether or not to buy a franchise and how to do it right. As the former president of LendingTree Inc. and other major companies, he now owns a profitable and growing franchised business, and he’s sharing his secrets for success in Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy?

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