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Mitch York is the ideal coach and mentor. Mitch has tremendous leadership skills, experience and judgement. He also has great empathy. These are the attributes that comprise a superior coach. It’s a rare combination of qualities and extremely difficult to find. I endorse Mitch York wholeheartedly.

- Tom Stein, president, Stein Rogan + Partners


Mitch understands how to help others achieve the results they desire. His experience and understanding of the entrepreneur makes him invaluable independent business owners! I would highly recommend Mitch!

- Ray Sclafani, CEO, ClientWise Inc.


Mitch helped me create a consultancy advising online publishers. Mitch doesn’t speak theoretically when he counsels others on ways to move from a corporate job to their own business. Mitch’s style puts his clients at ease and his sense of humor put things in perspective.

- Howard Sherman, Vice President, About Inc.


Mitch has a really great way of working with people, which is conducive to getting results. His knowledge of the high tech marketplace is also an invaluable asset.

- Dan Sklaire, president, Systems Research Inc.


I have known Mitch for over four years. I have and continue to rely on Mitch’s common sense, terrific business acumen and experience, wonderful contacts and a personal ease, making me comfortable approaching Mitch with any topic or perspective on managing one’s life.

- Raja Ramachandran, VP, Citibank NA


Lucky for me, Mitch had been available as a coach and mentor early in my career. From my days at CMP Media Inc., where I reported to him, to later on when I left to start my own company he always offered sage advice. His even-tempered, good-humored personality made it easy to work with and for him.

- Jessica Alton, Director of Sales, Thomas Preti Caterers


Mitchell blends his sharp intellect, experience leading teams, and strong communication skills in a powerful and positive way. His coaching and mentorship skills continue to have inspirational and practical impact on my career every day.

- Jonno Wells, CEO, Surfline Inc.


Mitch has the ability to help you understand the challenges you face, and figure out a plan for getting through them. By guiding me to arrive at a solution, he has not only helped me overcome the immediate situations but allowed me to build self confidence and toolsets.

- Tom Smith, Hearst Corp.


I have high regard for Mitch’s coaching and mentoring skills. He has real experience in starting and running numerous entrepreneurial ventures as well as insight on challenges faced coming from the corporate world. Having used him as a mentor, I have benefited greatly from his counsel, and highly recommend him to anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations.

- Tanja Omeze, VP, Scholastic Inc.


Mitch York has been my personal and business coach since July 2004. In the beginning of our relationship he helped me define and better understand where I wanted to be in both my personal and professional lives. From there, he has helped me every step of the way from strategy identification to organization management and winning ideal clients. Below are a few ways that he helped me upfront, and how he continues to keep me focused on what’s important in my world: – goal setting, management and realization – being a sounding board during times of change – reviewing key communications and marketing materials – helping to keep me focused on my business goals – helping me manage human resources Mitch also takes an interest in my personal life by making sure I continue to stay balanced. He has also attended important personal events, including a fundraiser that I organized for a children’s foundation. My wife and I feel like Mitch is a part of our extended family. He has been a key contributor to our business success and personal happiness. I always look forward to our coaching sessions and prepare for them as thoroughly as I would a client or prospect meeting.

- Max Haspel, CEO, Blue Water Advisors Inc.


Mitch is a great mentor who has helped me successfully navigate some serious business and technology decisions with his wide-ranging insights.

- Tej Anand, Executive Director, Medco Health Services


I have found Mitch to be scrupulously honest, passionately dedicated, and singularly loyal to colleagues, family, and friends. He exhibits exceptionally high ethical standards! His quite unique ability to establish trust, credibility, and rapport equips him to be an ideal leader and an extremely effective coach and mentor. He has a remarkable gift – the ability to evoke excellence in others. Mitch “contaminates” people with positive energy, an elevated sense of self-esteem, and a commitment to measurable achievement. Mitch’s quite formidable academic accomplishments, business acumen, and professional experience/knowledge are complemented by his pragmatic, down to earth common sense. He is a terrific communicator and is able to extend theory into action. Mitch understands the political dynamics of complex organizations, and is a very effective tour guide for negotiating political obstacles that frequently complicate organizational effectiveness.

- Rennie Crabtree, President, Marketing Outcomes Inc.


I worked closely with Mitch on several different occasions and I can tell you that he is a true leader that many look up to. He has incredible people skills that will help you go far in life!

- Steve Rubel, Senior VP, Edelman Public Relations


Mitch has been a mentor to me for the entire span of our five year relationship: both as my boss and when I started my own company. He is the perfect coach, as his ability to sort through issues, contemplate and assess situations, present options and be forceful when necessary is exactly what a good coach should be. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

- Matt Tucker, President, Recycle Bank


“Since reporting to Mitch at Ziff Davis, I continue to be inspired by his creativity, resourcefulness and drive in overcoming challenges and achieving objectives. He helped me to identify my strengths and empowered me through positive encouragement. I highly recommend his coaching to help you achieve your personal goals.

- Kathleen Daley, Wine Business Communications Inc.


I’ve known Mitch for almost 20 years. As a manager, he ranks hands down as the best I’ve worked for. Smart, articulate, patient, kind, funny, modest, honorable—the kind of leader who inspires people subtly, not through theatrics. He listens; he is thoughtful and considerate in his assessments of ideas and people; he has a keen sense of perspective, on work and on life.

- Julie Moline, freelance journalist

Mitch was a terrific leader at LendingTree – providing direction and inspiration for employees at all levels, while also managing key external relationships with investors and lenders in the network. His gift was his ability to translate the company’s strategies in a way that guided people’s day-to-day work, no matter what their role at the company.

- Mary Beth Navarro, senior VP, Wachovia

Mitch is one of the few people in life that I consider to be a mentor. His ability to seamlessly move between different business markets and master each one is something that should be taught in classrooms. I had the advantage of learning from him for many years as a manager in a continually-changing landscape. More than ten years later, his influence is absolutely present in how I conduct myself and run my business.

- Julie Chiesa, President, InfoDirectors

Mitch has been one of the greatest mentors I have had the pleasure of working with at CMP Media, where his talents as an online media crusader helped me find solutions to complex problems that resulted in helping me and my team achieve tremendous revenue growth. As I opt back into the workplace, Mitch was my first phone call. He is now my Executive Coach. You don’t have to have past experience working with Mitch to get results. He has a unique ability to understand people and their individual needs. Mitch helps you strategize on not simply finding a job, but rather a career you are passionate about. Simply put, big ideas, big heart and creative thinking are what Mitch is all about!

- Meryl Otis Kessler, AOL Patch

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